The Alis Skateboards Campaign Integrates Athletes into the Logos

 - Nov 18, 2012
References: ibelieveinadv
The Alis Skateboards campaign seamlessly integrates its logo into classic skateboarding scenes. More than that, it seamlessly integrates the skateboarders captured in each scene into the logo. Whether they and their boards mimic the letter 'L' or the letter 'S,' the word ALIS incorporates standard tricks to show just how relevant this brand is. The coloring is completely on point as well.

Shot by photographer Morten Bengtsson of JSB Photography, the Alis Skateboards campaign was art directed and copy written by Mikkel Møller. The images star renowned skateboarders Thomas Roupe, Ville Wester, Dannie Carlsen Is and Bjørn Lillesø. People will be attracted not only by the style showcased, but also by the star power of the models.