The Disney & Swarovski Alice in Wonderland Jewelry

 - Jan 18, 2010   Updated: Jul 4 2011
Though Disney’s Alice in Wonderland has not hit the screen yet, related businesses have already in place.

The Disney Consumer Products department recently partnered with Austrian crystal manufacturer Swarovski to launch a new Alice in Wonderland Jewelry collection exclusively for the show.

Flower, sparrow, heart, bunny, teapot…, this delicate, shiny movie-themed Alice in Wonderland Jewelry echoes Tim Burton’s crazy, weird imagination will no doubt boost sales in the upcoming spring.

Implications - Modern consumers are looking for ways to escape their responsibilities for a moment. Products which feature a fantastical element are more appealing than those which are practical and only complete a function. In order to attract more buyers, companies could incorporate an otherworldly aspect into more of their items.