The sonoroRADIO Alarm Design Uses Sound to Put Consumers to Sleep

 - Dec 1, 2015
References: amazon & thegadgetflow
For those that have trouble sleeping or waking up there is the sonoroRADIO alarm design features Bluetooth connectivity and sound to help make sleeping and waking up a much more gentle experience. The clock features slow wake up and sleeping methods based off of nature sounds to relax the body and provide a gradual rising that is much less intrusive.

Waking up and falling asleep can be difficult parts of the day for many that can easily be mended by altering style in which one is awoken or made to drift off. The sonoroRADIO creatively uses pre-set sounds from nature that gradually increase in volume to wake sleepers up. In addition, the device can be programmed with the consumer's favorite radio stations or music to do the same. The clock can also double up as a speaker system when not in use.