The Airwave Absorber Increases Visual Intrigue but Softens Auditory Chaos

 - Mar 24, 2012
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Open plan living makes sense to the flexible modern lifestyle, but it doesn't come without its drawbacks. Airwave by Borselius Design solves two of these with a punchy and contemporary quality that would enhance the atmosphere of stylish interior spaces, as far as more than one sense is concerned.

Abstracta manufactures the system to hang from a metal rod below the ceiling, relying on the hooked edges of the S-shaped modules to create curtain-like elements. Thick and upholstered in soft fleecy fabric, the lush red units serve collectively as a room divider to separate spaces and a sound absorber to muffle noises between different areas of expansive chambers. But in addition to performing as effectively as a proper wall for partitioning, Airwave by Borselius Design introduces a bold visual aspect that will further please the eyes.