Nendo's Air Lids Series Emulate The Sense of Natural Hand Movements

 - Apr 12, 2018
References: & dezeen
Japanese design studio Nendo introduces the Air Lids series full of multi-functional pieces for the usage in the kitchen. The Air Lids are designed to imitate the movement of hands in contact with products. The collection is created in collaboration with an air conditioning manufacturer Daikin, and is comprised of five airtight lids in total. Every single lid created is respective to a specific hand movement including picking up, pressing, pinching, pulling, and pushing.

The Air Lid series will be making its debit at Milan Design Week this year. They are constructed with a material called fluoroelastomer -- a raw material that is often used in air conditioners. This unique material allows for the lids to be resistant of both hear and oil, while retailing its color and shape. The fluoroelastomer gives off a silky tactile touch in comparison to regular silicone rubber, emulating an airy element. Nendo expresses that the lids are created to symbolize a concept that lies between human and an object. All of the Air Lids boast a geometric shape and a sleek white color.

The Pick-up lid takes on an ovular shape that have two hollow areas to that users can place their fingers inside to pick up spices or seasoning. The Press lid boasts a ergonomic shape to contain liquids and opens when pressed together like a mouth. The Push lid is created in an ovoid shape that spills liquid when pushed down. The Pinch lid is a cone shapes piece that has a small spoon revealed when its pinched. Finally, the pull lid is a sphere that stretches to seal liquids.