The Agustav Book Rack is Minimalist and Multifunctional

 - Jun 3, 2014
References: reykjavikcornerstore & bookofjoe
The Agustav Book Rack is a novel way to display one's small library. Instead of a traditional shelf, it boasts a ledge from which pins and string hang off of. It is the looped pieces of string that hold the book securely off of the ledge when not being read. Interestingly, this string and pin double as a bookmark.

Available at the Reykjavik Corner Store, a local art and design store, the Agustav Book Rack can also be used for different items. As written on the website, "The rack is designed to be able to take on any type of pin. In that way today’s book rack can double as tomorrows coat – or bed side rack, simply by mixing and matching the pins."