These Aging Transformation GIFs Contrasts Young and Old

An uncredited vide entitled ‘Aging Face Transformations’ was recently posted to Dogva, and someone took the liberty of creating some amazing aging GIFs out of it. The GIF sweeps to reveal a youthful version of an elderly person in a similar pose.

These dramatic GIFs really illuminate the aging process and effects of time; one day you’re a bright-eyed 25 year old with the world ahead of you, and the next you’re welcoming your fourth grandchild. In real life, the aging process is subtle and sneaks up on you – but this captivating series cuts out the middle man to show the stark differences between youthfulness and old-age.

For those of us who are still young, it might be hard to imagine we’ll ever get there, which is why this GIF set is particularly unsettling.