The Agata Bielen Collar Collection Boasts a Tough-Girl Chic Aestehtic

 - Sep 24, 2012
The Agata Bielen collar collection is made up of sleek menswear-inspired jewelry. The folded collar style and cold hard lines of the collection give the pieces an androgynous feel that is sleek and sophisticated.

The contrast created by wearing tough metal hardware around the delicate area of the neck makes for an enticing detail that is both empowering yet also reminiscent of S&M style chokers. The pieces are worn on androgynous-looking models wearing both collared and non-collared shirts, demonstrating the versatility that these faux collars can achieve.

The stylish steel Agata Bielen collar collection gives a touch of cold hard chic sophistication to your ensemble, adding subtle shine and androgynous intrigue to any classic wardrobe.