The Bike2c24 is Designed to Increase Cycling Speed by Reducing Resistance

 - Feb 13, 2013
References: bike2c24 & tuvie
The Bike2c24 is an aerodynamic bike designed for streamlined cycling. Streamlined cycling is basically just cycling on non-traditional bike designs. This particular bike is designed to reduce air drag and resistance and thus increase speed.

The Bike2c24 has the mechanics of a traditional bike, however it is encased in a pod-like structure. With the rider sitting down, the bike is lower to the ground. Additionally, the rounded top cuts through the air and pushes the wind right over top of the bike. This kind of design allows for more speed.

Traditional bikes forego such advantages because the rider is sitting upright. The higher the rider, the more his or her body is slowed down by the wind. The faster you ride, air resistance increases exponentially, which slows you down.