This Advice Book Teaches Young People How to Be Adults

 - Nov 6, 2015
References: amazon & odditymall
This advice book, aptly titled 'Grow the F*ck Up,' is a tough love self-help manual that contains the guidance, instructions and life lessons that parents and school don't teach.

The Grow the F*ck Up book offers a blunt, satirical look at the daily tasks that a conventional education doesn't cover but that can nonetheless be very challenging and completely necessary. The advice book is divided into six sections: automotive, clothing, employment, financial, home improvement, grilling and miscellaneous advice.

Each chapter has instructions that help young people acquire much-needed skills, like changing a car battery, preparing for a job interview or using a credit card. There are illustrations and plenty of hilarity along the way, so the material is never dry. This advice book is a gift that at least a few millennials can bet they'll be finding under the tree this Christmas.