Addioizzo Helps Italian Vendors Retaliate Against Mafia Racketeering

 - Feb 23, 2013
It all started when a few friends decided to open a bar in Palmero, Italy but rather than paying the mafia’s extortion fees, they started the movement, Addiopizzo, a social enterprise that encourages retailers to fight back against the organization and its pizzo racket.

Established in 2004, Addiopizzo reached out to various retailers with their new symbol. Not only does Addiopizzo help merchants fight against the Mafia’s practice of collecting protection money, it also encourages consumers to purchase products that are free from extortion and unfair trades. Customers can easily recognize which retailers support the cause by the iconic symbol of the social business’s logo, an interrupted circle with an X in the center along with the Italian translation for "critical consumption."

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