Adam Sorensen's Artwork is Inspired by Japanese Woodblock Prints

 - Jan 27, 2012
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Influenced by 19th century romanticism, Japanese woodblock prints and Abstract expressionism, Adam Sorensen’s landscape paintings are both stunningly surreal and strangely familiar. Full of vibrant colors and bold brush strokes, the scenes appear to jump right off the canvas, creating an artistic world that is full of dimension.

Based in Chicago, Illinois, Adam Sorensen does not rely on any of his immediate surroundings to flesh out his paintings. Instead, he delves fully into his own imagination, producing truly intense and surreal works that connect with an audience on a different level. By doing so, Adam Sorensen writes, "The scenes I end up composing function as both utopian and eerily post-apocalyptic. Both of which can be seen metaphorically as social concerns in contemporary life."