Yoori Koo's Activator Concept PC is a Futuristic Computer Creator

 - Jul 17, 2011
References: designbuzz
As technology and science continues to develop at a frighteningly fast pace, I feel as though the Activator Concept PC isn't such a far-fetched idea as I first thought it was. This concept's creation is a precursor to the idea that in the near future, individuals won't need physical computers, controllers or monitors because this penlike gadget will be able to create them seemingly out of thin air.

Conceived by Yoori Koo, who hails from South Korea, the Activator Concept PC shows that the PC can be used just about anywhere and everywhere.

Implications - As technology continues to progress at a breakneck speed, designers are increasingly bringing concepts from sci-fi movies to life. The notion of gadgets that users can create on their own stems from the DIY movement and propels it into the 21st century.