Acabion GTBO

 - Feb 7, 2008
References: thebikergene & gizmag
At only 20% throttle the Acabion GTBO two wheeler (four at low speed) passes the Bugatti Veyron's top end of 250mph and, helped by its jet-like body, it hits the electronically limited top end of 340mph at 50% throttle.

It goes from zero to 300mph in under 30 seconds! You might want to make like an astronaut and wear a diaper for that attempt. With only two inline seats and no trunk you'll have a great excuse not to take the kids or do any shopping, such a deal! Seriously, driving this thing is probably closer to flying a jet eight inches off the ground than driving a car, it must be insane.

Only EUR 540,000 (US $790,000), a bargain compared to something like the Bugatti's $3 million Project Lydia.