Multifacet is an Usual Object Made to Uniquely Frame a Range of Items

 - Jan 27, 2015
References: matalicrasset & muuuz
You're encouraged to place any object that might fit inside this abstract decoration display. An intriguing and inclusive ornamental product, Multifacet can serve as a flower vase, a small shelf, a candle holder and even a wine cooler. The options are as plenty as the planes of this prism.

For Concrete LCDA, Matali Crasset created an elaborate mixed-media container that comprises metal and concrete, creating an intriguing interplay of raw, matte and textural gray against smooth and shiny gold surfaces. The result sets off a gorgeous gleam, strengthened by the converging angled faces of the object. Whether it's one side up, right side down or stacked, the abstract cubby sets the stage to showcase collectables, ornaments and more.