The ‘Ability List’ Connects the Disabled to Resources and

 - Jun 24, 2013
References: abilitylist & springwise
With the goal of helping the disabled get connected to resources, Andrew Horn founded ‘Ability List.’ The online platform was developed to mimic the function of Craigslist in order to help the less able. According to Horn, Ability List will help the disabled who "live isolated lives unnecessarily simply because they don’t know about the programs, resources, organizations and individuals that are available to help them."

In addition to being a collection of crowd-generated resources, Ability List also has some convenient features. To help the less able to find resources, Ability List has a personalized email that lists out items that members may find interesting. A search function was also baked into the site.

Ability List has launched in New York and is currently only available there. Horn plans to expand by acquiring licencing agreements with municipal governments.