The Aakash Nihalani x Facebook Designs Create a Whimsical Workplace

 - Nov 7, 2011
References: aakashnihalani & aakashnihalani
Known for his simple designs that create big illusions, Nihalani does it again with these Aakash Nihalani x Facebook artworks. Created for Facebook's New York offices, the new designs are as whimsical and fun as ever.

The Aakash Nihalani x Facebook drawings appear all over the floors and walls of the office building. From walkways leading you into and out of the elevator, to blocks toppling over couches, it's clear that this artist definitely hasn't lost his sense of play despite his recent successes.

Check out the recent collaboration between Aakash Nihalani and Facebook to see how a few lines and colors can make a big statement.

Implications - No longer attracted to over-complicated designs, modern consumers are seeking out more simplistic pieces. Artists trying to increase their number of customers could develop their newest items with a clean-cut aesthetic in mind.