'A Walk in Nature' is a Fantastic Compilation of Adventurers in the Wild

 - Jun 12, 2012
References: vimeo & vimeo
The new short video by NotWorkingFilms titled 'A Walk in Nature' is a compelling collage of stunning natural landscapes. The video feels and looks like the trailer for an upcoming adventure film about an expedition into uncharted territories.

Shot by Fabio Palmieri, A Walk in Nature shifts between micro and macro shots, capturing the abundance of life and diversity outside the confines of an urban city. The video is paired with the music from the Burundi Warriors Drums soundtrack, endowing the visuals with a tribal and mysterious allure.

A Walk in Nature tells an enticing story despite the lack of visual or auditory narrative. The compilation of shots and the musical accompaniment complement each other perfectly, alluding to an epic journey that the audience gets to see a glimpse of.