'A Moveable Feast' Focuses on Arabs & Bangladeshis Who Live in SW1, London

Based in Westminster, London, A Moveable Feast is a social enterprise that sells products in order to fund its community services and programs that focus on Arabs and Bangladeshis who live in SW1.

"A Moveable Feast began in 2004 as a Big Lottery funded Healthy Living Centre," they write on their website. "When 5 years of funding came to an end AMF set up as a community enterprise with income generated through the sale of our well-being products and services ploughed back into our core community programme for Arabs and Bangladeshis living in SW1."

One such product is the A Moveable Feast cookbook called Shop and Cook Arab and Bangladeshi Healthy Meals, which is available on Amazon. Other products include an in-house weight loss program, a sportswear and swimwear line, and overall healthy living advice from how to read labels to engaging in daily rigorous activity.

Some of the community programs overlap with the aforementioned products offered, but A Moveable Feast also fosters its community's success through training services and employment and business support.

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