A Figment of Imagination by Olivia Hunter Stars Natasha Ivanova

Fashionising.com draws comparisons between the A Figment of Imagination photo series and the Victorian ballad, 'The Lady of Shalott,' by Alfred Tennyson. Model Natasha Ivanova may not be surrounded by the stone walls of a tower, cursed never to look outside except in a mirrored reflection, but she does have that listless lonely quality that suggests she is in spirit, if not in form.

The A Figment of Imagination photo series was lensed by photographer Olivia Hunter. Shot entirely in black and white, the mood is made even more dark. Clad in a wardrobe of black, which was pulled exclusively from Stone Morris by stylists Ainsley Waller and Rosalie Morris, she is certainly dressed to suit her depressed disposition. The looks were perfected by beauty artist Nanae Itoi.