The A Capucha Line is Modeled After Traditional European Garments

 - Dec 15, 2014
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The A Capucha collection is specifically modeled after traditional Portugese apparel. The jackets are inspired by garments worn by European shepherds and farmers, hence the use of thick wool fabrics and cuts that feature oversize hoods and sleeves.

An authentic "capucha" resembles a sturdy, slouchy cape. The piece is versatile as it can brave cold weather, snow and rain. Given its chic design, it is also well suited to an assortment of settings. This is reflected in the A Capucha lookbook which features gardening tools, animals and stacks of hey.

Given the authentic elements at play in this line, it follows that it is entirely handmade by artisans residing in remote villages. The pieces are thus infused with culture and age-old manufacturing techniques.