This Seagate Drive is the World's First 8 Terabyte Hard Disk Drive

 - Aug 29, 2014
References: seagate & gizmag
Seagate has begun shipping the world's first ever 8 TB hard disk drive. While solid-state drives are better in terms of speed, hard disk drives still hold the advantage when it comes to the cost per GB of storage, making them more affordable.

The new hard disk drive is being targeted towards business and enterprise users such as cloud-based data centers and back-up disaster recovery storage settings. Such users value the ability to make the most of space; cramming 8 TB of stuff into a single 3.5-inch drive increases the storage density that these kinds of facilities can accommodate.

Seagate is shipping the 8 TB hard drive to select customers, but is planning to make it available to consumers en masse later this year. Pricing details have not yet been announced.