Innovations For Job Seekers In A Bad Economy

 - Jan 27, 2009
References: i.gizmodo
No one can resist hiring a person that has a little special something! Check out these six gadgets that could land you a brand new job in the wake of the economic layoffs!

1) Funky business cards: A captivating business card is more important than ever. Check out some innovative business card examples in the related trends below.

2) Hone your reaction skills with the Shocking Triva Game. Ever stumble over interview questions? Training with this game will help to create a faster reaction time in your answers, because if not, you’ll get shocked with electricity that runs through the handles of the game. Also available now is the Lightning Reaction Game which works the same way for up to 4 people. Both games are available from iGadget

3) A firm handshake makes an important impression from the start - even for women! The Digital Hand Exerciser will exercise those hand muscles so that your handshake will communicate confidence and strength! Amazon

4) Have trouble with both waking up AND being a genius? Well the Mensa Alarm clock takes some serious brain power to shut it off. Set it like a normal alarm clock and in the morning when it goes off, you must use your brain to solve problems before the alarm will stop. It’s a great way to hone that cortex of yours before a big interview! Craziest Gadgets

5) Never let them see you sweat with the Pegasus cotton cool shirt. This shirt has an interwoven water cooling system that will keep you nice and comfortable during those long interviews. Pegasus

6) Still don’t know how to tie that perfect Windsor knot? Well the Howtie is here to help you. With mirror instructions, the Howtie will help you to figure out that perfect look with ease. World Wide Fred