Desktop Factory's 3D Printer

 - Dec 13, 2007   Updated: Apr 20 2011
References: uncrate & online.wsj
At $5,000 Desktop Factory's 3D printer isn't going to be on everybody's desktop anytime real soon but until recently 3D printers cost several times that amount. All of us can remember when flat screen TVs were a luxury item, so it won't be that all long before the early adopters among us are printing out D&D figurines.

Implications - Incredibly, Desktop Factory Inc. has already recieved over 350 pre-orders for this $5,000 3d Printer. So far a large chunk of these orders came from universities and small business, but the company expects that these printers could soon become common fixtures in personal homes as well. The day when 3D printers are as common as toasters might be closer than you think!