This 3D Printed Battery is the Smallest on the Market Yet

 - Jul 1, 2013
References: bitrebels & popsci
This 3D Printed Battery is the latest in 3D printed technology as of late. Created by a team of scientists at Harvard University and the University of Illinois, this 3D printed lithium-ion battery is so tiny, it is described as being "as small as a grain of sand" by the creators.

Though it might seem that something so minuscule couldn't possibly compare to the larger, powerful batteries found in today's most popular technologies, "after measuring the final product, the team discovered the microbatteries were comparable in performance to commercial batteries in terms of charge and discharge rate, cycle life and energy density," states PopSci's Lacey Henry. Considering that batteries are a major portion of most technologies, this advancement may come in handy in reducing the physical size of our favorite products in the future.