Inspirational Commercials of 2008

 - Oct 23, 2008
References: youtube
Commercials are everywhere and can be highly effective in advertising and selling products, if done correctly. Every once in awhile, though, a commercial comes along which really inspires and captivates its viewers. From Apple’s "Be Different" message to the eBay commercial which proudly pronounces "People ARE Good," these quick clips can be stunningly deep and powerful. Check some of the most motivating on YouTube by searching "eBay-People are Good," "Reclaim Your Life," "Close to You - by Lancome," and "Be Different - Apple."

In Lancome’s "Close to You" advertisement, a grandmother tells the story of her first true love to her grandchild. It’s like a mini-drama movie, involving love, controversy, death, war, hope and lasting memories. You have to read fast to get this commercial’s message, and it seems a bit of a push to sell perfume, but it’s touching anyway.

The commercial above depicts a little girl whose brother has cancer. Since he’s lost his hair, she takes the liberty of trying to give him some of her own when he comes home from a doctor’s visit. It’s extremely touching.

Take some time to see good media messages. They’re rare today, but can really send a lasting message. Who knows, they might even bring a tear to your eyes. We need that every once in awhile.