The Swapatask Requires Users to Solve a Code to Receive a Photograph

 - Feb 3, 2015
References: Swapatask
Swapatask is an easy, fun and entertaining photo messaging game application available free for Android and IOS. Using the app, users can take photos, add messages and send them to a controlled list of recipients who also have the Swapatask app. These sent photographs are then converted into "Tasks." In order for your friend to see the photo and message, they must solve the task.

Once a Swapatask has been completed and the user has exited the content, it is no longer available to view. The only visible sign of the photo message is the link in the inbox or outbox which can then be deleted by the user.

Each task hides your message and coverts your picture into the selected picture puzzle task. Level 1 is the easiest and level 4 is the hardest and could take a long time to complete. Users then sit back and wait for confirmation that the task sent was completed.