The 08 High Chair Stands Upright on Floor-Piercing Spikes

 - Mar 11, 2014
The appearance of the 08 High Chair may surprise you. People are accustomed to seeing pieces of furniture that are generally substantial in structure and visibly capable of bearing the weight of an adult user. Stijn Guilielmus Ruys has, however, imagined a design that challenges the eyes and the reason of the onlooker, given how insubstantial its support system seems.

MDF material makes up the majority of the barstool -- the whole of the chair as you might see it. Intriguingly, the 08 High Chair has been raised nearly 30 centimeters off of the ground by four very slender steel rods. Looking like needles that might puncture the floor, the stiff bars give the 08 High Chair a weightless look that would lighten up the surrounding interior design.