From Diabetic Wristbands to Fitness Cradio Cuffs

 - Oct 27, 2011
Wristbands are not only attractive bracelets or watchbands, but they are also a source of fitness and health, as this collection of wise wristbands innovations proves. Moreover, these bands have become an iconic symbol for charities, as they are cheap to manufacture and trendy to wear.

These multi-tasking cuffs do all sort of things: help sports professionals and aficionados, aid diabetics and raise millions for non-profit organizations. For fitness purposes, these bracelets are ideal because they are easy to carry while measuring heart rate on a continuous basis. They also display the time, allowing for better control of an exercise routine. For more serious health matters, diabetic wristbands track glucose levels through bodily fluids. Also, after Lance Armstrong successfully introduced the idea of bands to raise awareness and money for research and charity, these silicone accessories became popular for similar causes. 

Thus, wise wristbands innovations are here to stay, as they serve a wide range of functions that are vital for society.