From Man of Steel Sneakers to Hot Nocturnal Kicks

 - Mar 15, 2011
I'll admit it, I love superheros and I get excited looking at these wicked superhero-inspired kicks.

Both boys and girls have looked up to superheros at some point, with comic book-inspired blockbusters and video games ensuring that the superhero craze continues. The idea of becoming a supreme being who makes bad guys shake in their boots is just so darn appealing. Besides, who doesn't want to wear a kick ass costume, drive a pimpin' car, use amazing gadgets (or super powers), and be adored by citizens (unless you're an anti-hero). While the majority of these things are not within regular human reach, wearing a cool costume isn't out of the question. Of course, you may be considered weird for the full attire--perhaps shoes are the better way to go.

These superhero-inspired shoes are the best way to pay homage to your favorite comic book character without overdoing it.