- Nov 25, 2011
These unusual snack cookers will curb cravings for certain confections that are not always easy to track down. You've got a craving for a corn dog, but the State Fair has left town. You may be in the mood for s'mores, but campfire season is long gone. Now, thanks to these unusual snack cookers you can whip up just about anything your mind can conjure without breaking a sweat.

From donut-hole makers to personalized cupcake machines, there is a cooker for every craving. Injected with the irresistible allure of novelty, these bizarre food makers will always be a hit with family and friends. Give the illusion of frying up a fresh batch of donuts with a mere flick of the switch and bask in the rave reviews from your adoring friends.

Bizarre, unexpected and ridiculously delicious, these unusual snack cookers will have you begging for more.

From Tiny Dessert Devices to Carnival Cuisine Machines: