From Speaker-Infused Blankets to Necktie Picnic Napkins

 - May 26, 2014
Summer is the season for outdoor activities that can range from adventurous to relaxing; these unusual picnic blankets will inspire the latter. Unless, of course, they are packed up for much-needed breaks during adventurous outings. The Picnic Pants by Acquacalda Design and Napkin Table by Michael Jan are particularly suited for those types of excursions. They are extremely portable and uniquely suited.

Eating in the great outdoors, whether in the middle of an open field, at the beach or under the canopy of forest trees, often result in the need for specialized gear, hence the creation of these unusual picnic blankets. Each one addresses a different circumstance. For instance, the Meadow Mat is water-resistant while the Teddy Bear Blanket is simply adorable.