10 Pairs Of Shoes With Transparent Heels

 - Dec 22, 2008
For the woman who wants to make a clear statement and is not afraid to take center stage, these fantastic shoes with see-through, transparent bottoms will serve that purpose.

Some of the daring footwear in the gallery are similar in structure but not in their design. For example, the strange lead shoes in the gallery with the humongous and transparent platforms are filled with petals, blossoms and flowers. Following that, we have the freaky pumps with the insects, followed by the audacious stripper shoes outfitted with a slit for tips.

In our collection below, we also have the quaint shoes with the light bulb as heels, the electronically-enhanced platform shoes which come with a GPS and an alarm to protect sex workers, and the Cinderella slippers complete with glowing LED.

To finish off the transparent bottom footwear collection and to prevent a possible accusation of gender bias by the guys, there is a pair of black shoes with a clear heels designed to power your iPod.