From Controversial Advertising Campaigns to Comedic Web Searches

 - Jul 11, 2011
Even in 1995, when the first Toy Story was released by Pixar Studios, I already knew that a plethora of Toy Story inspirations would follow suit as the animated film about children's toys coming to life revolutionized cinema forever.

Don't believe me? Then check out some real-life Disney robots, themed cameras, fun lunchboxes, and much, much more here. My favorite of these Toy Story inspirations has got to be the Greenpeace advertisement, which warns against the destruction Mattel dolls are causing to rainforests.

Implications - Pop culture is an extremely powerful unification tool as it is able to transcend economic, national, and social boundaries. Consumers also feel a special validation when they recognize pop culture references. As such, corporations have the potential to generate lots of revenue through use of pop culture references as design elements for their products.