From Metallic Beverage Sippers to High-Tech Drinking Utensils

 - Jul 30, 2011
Whether you're looking to sip elegantly out of a Caesar-filled glass or interested in drink advertising, these straw fabrications will show how much fun everyone can have with each drink.

The metallic beverage straw is just one example of how a classic sipping device can turn into a rebellious-looking design. The straw can poke through almost anything with the right amount of force. If that's not enough, then the glowing straw will shed some light on these innovative gadgets. For anyone who ever struggled to find his cup in a dark room, this illuminating sipper can save a lot of trouble. These straw fabrications put zest into the average drinking device.

Implications - With so many consumers saturated with a variety of products, individuals are looking for a modern twist on traditional products. Companies should consider making slight alterations to already available commodities to appeal to these individuals.