From Incubator Substitutes to Maternal Health Marketplaces

 - Jan 12, 2012
From benevolent babe threads to live-saving baby bags, this top list of social businesses for babies explores two ends of the spectrum. On the one end, there are products, such as Rain Tees' reforestation fashion, that are up for purchase. On the other end are innovative maternal health tools like those coming out of Maternova, or designs that fight the infant mortality rate in less-industrialized countries, like the low-cost Embrace Infant Warmer.

This collection of social businesses for babies spans health, the clothing industry, poverty, gender inequality and malnourishment. Perhaps the most ambitious is indeed Maternova, which describes itself as "the first global marketplace for ideas and tools saving mothers and newborns." The question of access is central when it comes to the health of babies and mothers, since much of the medicine and tools are available in order to foster healthy pregnancies and babies.