From Glam Rock Menswear to Chromatic Grunge Ads

 - May 17, 2013
Since the news broke in June 2012 that the iconic French maison would be altering its nomenclature, the Saint Laurent Paris Rebranding has been highly scrutinized by the fashion world as it was transformed under the creative direction of Hedi Slimane.

Though there has been adversity as Slimane infuses the fashion house with his visionary aesthetic ethos, he has certainly shown resilience amid the biting criticism, negative reviews and general backlash from mainstream bloggers and consumers. Despite all the backlash, the creative director has gone forward to implement change that holds merit in its ability to not only stir controversy, but generate attention, keeping the brand's name in the limelight.

The Saint Laurent Paris rebranding is perhaps most notably characterized by a movement towards a monochromatic, edgy and minimalist aesthetic. Saint Laurent has also utilized brand representatives that embody stylized rebellion such as Daft Punk, Sky Ferreira and Anja Rubik. This compiled list showcases the fashion house's transformation in retail, design and campaigns.