From Cake-Pie Hybrids to Eclectic Gourd Pastries

 - Aug 21, 2012
The upcoming autumn season commonly ushers in urges to wear boots and jeans, cuddle up in a big cozy sweater by the fireplace and indulge in some pumpkin-infused foods. Nothing quite signifies the presence of fall like seasonal pumpkins. Used as decorations or as an ingredient in meal time foods, pumpkin creations never seem to disappoint.

While pumpkin pie is a long-held fall favorite, there are constantly new and revamped dessert recipes that call for the voluptuous orange fruit. Always in ever-changing form, pumpkin-infused foods range from pastries, smoothies and even hybrid cake confections.

Embrace the soon-to-be fall season and enjoy some of these pumpkin goodies with a steaming cup of coffee, hot chocolate or a pumpkin-spice latte.