- Mar 31, 2013
The Pokémon franchise will forever be a part of the human experience. The overflux of Pokémon is a staggering amount, so it’s only appropriate that people should begin outfitting their attire in true Pokémon fashion.

Pokémon has become a staple to most children in the 90s who were old enough to own a Game Boy. From Pallet Town to Indigo Plateau the journey in becoming a Pokémon master was a journey that many have travelled and reached, which raises the quest to find out who is the one true Pokémon master. With millions in line to claim the coveted title, one shouldn’t just talk the talk, but also walk the walk -- in this case, dress the part. From Pokéball bow ties to Pikachu hoodies, these Poképparels will help reinforce your Pokémon dominance.

These Pokémon Franchise Looks will Please any Pokéfan: