From Smashtastic Instruments to Breakable Undead Party Favors

 - Apr 30, 2012
Pinata-inspired products play off of the fun one had as a kid (or possibly still has as an adult) while playing the game that encouraged them to smash and bash a papier-mâché creature that was stuffed to the brim with treats.

While social norms dictate that publicly taking out one's aggression on an inanimate object is usually inappropriate, the piñata is an angst-y person's dream as it enables them to whack the heck out of it, guilt-free, until it is in pieces.

While food products in the spirit of the rambunctious game are an obvious variation, other products have embraced a person's inner desire to break something once in a while as well. Banks that beg to be broken open are among some of the lot, while fragile porcelain packaging requires the gift receiver to break open the wrapping to get to their present.