From Angered Tomboy Spreads to Sleek Samurai Editorials

 - Feb 27, 2013
These phenomenal Kelly Mittendorf photoshoots come of the American model's portfolio. Mittendorf has been an essential member of the Elite London, View Management and Bravo Models agencies, bringing her on board with upscale contracts from around the globe.

Angered tomboy spreads and sleek Samurai editorials are some of the most recent Mittendorf productions. While she is new to the scene, her position within the competitive industry has already solidified, seen in her consistent collaborations with Vogue Russia, 7000 Magazine, Vision China and i-D Magazine. Marketing has also welcomed Mittendorf with open arms given her widely distributed advertisements with teams at Francois Nars and Prada, distinguishing her as an essential member of the upscale fashion scene.