From Wearable Mobiles to Finger Forks

 - Jun 10, 2009   Updated: Mar 24 2011
There are more uses for your phalanges than you probably know. From wearable mobiles to finger forks, your fingers are important organs of manipulation that can help you out in the weirdest ways. 

Innovations that embrace the usefulness of fingers have slowly surfaced; whether you are looking for finger puppets or finger-mounted toothbrushes, this cluster will have it all.

Implications - Consumers today are accustomed to ultimate convenience, with various labor-saving products developing daily. Those within the household product and technology industries are even eliminating the need to hold an object up by allowing consumers to wear it on their fingertips. Ultimately, the consumer search for convenience is causing companies to find new, creative ways to ensure their product can be used with literally no effort.