Offbeat Items to Help You Throw the Craziest Bash

 - Apr 28, 2011
Parties seem to always be the same -- red beer cups, less-than-exciting dishware and typical music. If you're tired of the same-old bash like I am, look to this list of peculiar party essentials. You'll find a mishmash of bizarre and offbeat items that will make your party the talk of the town (finally).

Try a blow-up version of Twister, slip on an LED cocktail dress and get advice on your party music mix from strangers online. (Strangers can surprise you by how much they care, especially when it comes to party music.) Today's party-goers want more than a yawn-inducing board game and a plastic cup.

To go down in party history, flip through this top list of peculiar party essentials before you start planning your next shindig.