Mobile Madness From the Palm Pre to the Motorola Nest

 - Jun 6, 2009   Updated: May 30 2011
The Palm Pre is set for release in a few days' time and it appears as though the smartphone world is holding its breath.

The Palm Pre has been widely anticipated for several months and many expect it to set the bar rather high for upcoming smartphones.

Compiled is a series of smartphones that will be in direct competition with the Palm Pre.

Buckle up!

Implications - There's no doubt that smartphones are now the dominant form of telecommunication. What started as a simple mobile that had online capabilities has stretched to a device filled with apps that make people's lives easy and amusing. The world is reliant on these compact devices and the sheer number of programs and concept mobiles that are in que demonstrates the profit the industry is gaining due to high demand from consumers who just can't get enough.