From Fair Trade Artwork to Comfy Customizable Kicks

 - May 15, 2013
What do paint-provoked social innovations mean anyway? Essentially, on the one hand, some of the companies featured here work specifically with painters, for instance, Ethical Art, which attempts to work on child education programs through its sales. There is also, Art Sumo, which sources paintings from various countries (they're currently working in Indonesia, Vietnam, Ecuador and Ghana among others) in order to give the artists themselves a fair price for their work while at the same time countering the elitism-driven art world.

On the other hand, and arguably less social, some of these paint-provoked social innovations sell products that use painterly projects. So, there's the Etsy account KellismCo, which customizes TOMS shoes through intricate paint jobs. Another example of this side of the coin would be Comet Skateboards and its deck designs.