From Orange is the New Black Season 1 Baby Clothes to DIY Cruller Lamps

 - Aug 26, 2013
With the ongoing media hype surrounding Orange is the New Black season 1, it comes as no surprise that a baby onesie inspired by the hit original Netflix series is at the top of today's top trends. The adorable infant garment features the cheeky statement "I just did 9 months on the inside" on the front of the vibrantly orange one piece. With the anticipation for the season 2 of the hit convict-turned-yuppie-turned-convict show at an all time high, young mothers and fans of the show will likely be snatching this piece up.

This series-inspired clothing article is certainly not the first, as hit television shows continue to infiltrate dozens of markets. For more information and insight into this pattern, check out Trend Hunter's 2013 Trend Reports.