From Gradual Gradient Stockings to Dip-Dye Fringe Fashion

 - Jun 27, 2012
While solid colors used to be extremely popular they have since forfeited their position and have been replace by ombre-oriented objects. These delightful dyed creations gradually lose their color or gain the richness of a deeper color, depending on DIYers' personal preferences and the product itself.

Not only is the ombre look extremely aesthetically pleasing, but it's also an easy DIY tool for household crafts. With ombre inspiration, breathe new life into worn-out furniture, add some much needed flair to an outfit or prettify pastries for weddings, showers and the like. With faded looks exploding on the scene, get your hands on some colored dye and set the DIY goddess in you free, while creating some superb ombre-oriented objects.