These Editorials Highlight Fabulously Faded Hair Colors and Clothing

 - Dec 12, 2012
Fashion magazines are notorious for highlighting the most discussion-worthy styles and these ombre editorials help bolster the bold craze of faded locks and frocks.

Ombre is the gradual degradation of color that goes from dark to light and the models captured in these shots feature just that with their faded hair shades. In addition, many of these editorials will blend ombre hair with ombre fashion pieces that transition in color from dark to light with strong attention to detail. This creates spreads that are opulent and over-the-top, which leads some to pass on the swanky styling while others embrace it as a fashion-forward way to add excess. The majority of these editorials highlight women's fashion shoots, but there are a couple male-centric spreads in the mix that help to create a more cohesive illustration of one of fashion's on-going crazes for the shade savvy.