From Drug-Delivering Binkies to Whiskered Baby Accessories

 - Oct 29, 2011
Oh baby! If your infant is terribly teething or cranky and crying, they are probably in need of a soother, but why go with a boring binky when so many playful novelty pacifiers are on the market?

The toddler trinkets available include hilarious mouth manipulations offering your baby a buck-toothed grin or shockingly accentuated expressions. Even touches of luxury have taken to the accessories for little ones like the Swarovski-encrusted soothers or metallic mouthpieces. If you're looking for a bit of peace and quiet from your adorable but exhausting infant, there is even a cute creation to calm the colicky that reads "Mute Button."

The world of wacky soothers gives variety and sometimes voice to children unable to speak for themselves yet, and although these playful novelty pacifiers are meant to suck, design-wise they most definitely do not!