From Superhero Treat Holders to Intergalactic Cookie Jars

 - May 31, 2013
Any Sci-Fi fanatic or comic book lover looking to infuse some geeky references into their kitchenware decor will absolutely adore these nerdy cookie containers, which allows you to hold delectable treats in a quirky and unusual manner.

While most cookie jars are simply large, round containers that feature a closed lid, these nerdy jars are rather designed to resemble kooky pop culture references that surely movie and cartoon fans will enjoy. From cookie jars shaped like infamous Star Trek characters to those that resemble super strong comic superheros, these nerdy cookie containers make the process of grabbing a sweet treat much more humorous.

If you're looking to incorporate some of your quirky personality into your home, then these nerdy cookie containers are a fun and entertaining way to store your sugary confections.